The 3 second rule

3 seconds. That’s all the time you have to make an impression with your website. You can loose almost half of your visitors if pages don’t load quickly enough. Slow speeds kill conversions. That means a lesser chance of you being able to engage or sell to your customers. After 10 seconds you can definitely […]

Take a break

The thought of separating ourselves from our computers and phones can seem impossible and downright even scary for some people – especially those of us whose livelihood depends on the internet *ahem Developers*. I get it – we work with technology every day and there are very few areas in our lives not affected by […]

Community is everything

A few months ago when I began school and started training to become a Web Developer I decided to create an Instagram coding account called to track my journey, share my thoughts and experiences and network online with others in the web dev community. What I’ve gained and learned since then is much more […]